Friday, 20 January 2012

{Grooving Mums}

I'm a bit out of sync with my blog posts but I'm hoping to get into a routine again soon. This post is my weekly-ish update for Kate On Thin Ice's Grooving Mums blog hop.

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I go back to work on Monday next week after 9 months of maternity leave. I'm not sure if I'm ready emotionally for it, but I need to get back into the swing of things and felt that it was the right thing to do. I'll be working part-time, three days a week, so I should have a good work-life balance.

I've been out for a run... just 3 miles... but it was a start at least and hopefully I'll get back on track in a few weeks in terms of my fitness level. We've already raised over £2000 on our Just Giving page and I'm sure that we'll reach our £3000 target. Friends and family have been so generous and I'm extremely grateful for that. I've kept up with my weekly Pilates class and I really enjoy it. I spend the class focusing on my breathing and it gives me an opportunity for quiet reflection.

Here are Kate's challenges or prompts for the week:

1. Body – How are you sleeping? Do you qualify as sleep-deprived? Are you a mum to a baby who just isn’t sleeping through yet? What toll is that taking? Do you have older children creeping into bed with you? What does your bed look like? Is it comfortable and supportive enough? Could you give your bed a makeover in some way perhaps with scented pillows or a colourful bedspread? Could you have a nap at some point in the day? How can you ensure you get better quality sleep?
This I have been working on! I have bought myself an amazing new bed. The divan & mattress (memory foam - it's so comfortable!) arrived on Monday and the headboard will follow shortly. I'll post a photograph once it's complete. 
2. Mind – Our children have reward charts and get stickers when they do well? Could you play with this idea and create your own chart or adapt a child’s one? What are those things that you know you should do but don’t seem to get around to? How can you motivate yourself? In my continuous attempt to get mums to say good things about themselves, why not tell me what you deserve a reward for?
Like Gem over at Storm in a K Cup, I also have numerous lists ongoing in my iPhone. However, I do prefer the old fashioned writing it down because then you can see your progress as the items get crossed off. So I bought myself a 'To Do List' notepad for my Christmas stocking, but with all the upheaval recently I've misplaced it!! It's in a box somewhere and when I find it I'm going to start using it regularly to keep track. I'm thinking of creating some kind of check list for all my weekly tasks as I'm going to have to make sure I keep on top of things now that I'm back to work. First on the agenda is meal planning and making sure I do a regular weekly online food shop. 
3. Spirit – Is the spirit willing? You can respond to this one in whatever way you see fit.
I've been doing some thinking about spirituality recently due to the group I've been attending with Kelly Menzies. We did a guided meditation at the group this week and my mind did wander a few times but generally I was able to focus on my breathing and managed to zone out for a bit. I've now got a few tracks on my iPhone and I'm going to listen to them when I can. 
4. Blog – Have you attended a blogger event? Have you met any bloggers in the flesh? Would you like to do? Why is that? I am speaking at Britmums Live so I hope some of my lovely Groovy Mums will be there to hold my hand.
I've been to a small PR event at a local Mothercare and met a few bloggers in the flesh - it was great to actually meet the mums behind the blogs and put faces to names. Other than that I've not been to any other events.
5. It is the creator of Winnie the Pooh’s birthday this week. So, as a bit of fun, why not work out which Winnie the Pooh character you are most like and why? It might help you to discover what is great about you and also the things that you could usefully change.
I think I'm maybe a little like Piglet... "capable of showing braveness way beyond his diminutive frame of a timid pink pig".  A number of people have commented and been amazed at my inner strength over the past few weeks. Plus, I'd like to think that I'm cute too!! 

6. The Big Question – How is your sex life? Oh, I know we are not supposed to talk about religion, sex and politics but you know me, I like breaking the rules. So how are things in the bedroom (or your venue of choice)? Has sex become a chore? Do you find it difficult to make time for sex? Are you too exhausted for sex? Have you managed to spice up your love-life? Be brave and reveal all on your blog or just do some quiet reflecting on this issue.
I'm going to politely ignore this question due to the recent ongoings!!


  1. Just found your blog, hello. Good luck wiht going back to work. I do 3 days too and love the balance, it is nice to be me sometimes and not just Mum.

    Mich x

  2. Good luck for going back to work next week! You have achieved so much on your maternity leave, and although it will undoubtedly be a challenge emotionally, your achievements might help a little if you're feeling at a low ebb.

    Good luck, and sleep well on that memory foam mattress - it sounds bliss!


  3. Hi Michelle *waves* and thanks for your lovely comment.

    Watch this space for how I get on! I'm sure I'll get back into the swing of things quickly! Sx

  4. Thanks for linking up again. Always look forward to your posts. You make the most of all the room in that bed for now because with your look and personality, someone will turn up to fill it if and when you decide you want that to happen.
    In the meantime, you are a mum , an employee and an exceptionally #groovymum. Not to mention inspiring many people as I wander round and see what people have to say about you. Whou could believe groovy mums is only 4 months and how our lives have changed so much in that short time?
    Have a great week back in the fray - you will be fine and if you struggle, you have countless bloggers at least waiting to offer support.


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