Wednesday, 30 November 2011

{Bit of a Failure}

This week has been a bit of a failure for #groovingmums with Kate on Thin Ice. I've not had the time to attempt the challenges which I'm slightly annoyed at. I can't believe that tomorrow is December already.... where has the time gone!?

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Despite not doing the challenges, I have been busy (when am I not?!).

The DIY is still ongoing. I will finish it in time for Christmas! I've picked up some new bathroom fittings from the supermarket (I had looked on eBay for a bargain to allow me to join in with Magpie Monday but couldn't find anything I liked). 

I had also planned a trip to the local charity shops but the weather has been so miserable that I've not wanted to go! I'm taking part in the Christmas Curiosity Project so I need to get going and get my box posted - I've been collecting bits and pieces for the curious person I've been assigned and had hoped to get a few more things from the charity shop. (Bit annoyed as I can't find one of the things I had already looked out, so I'll need to do some searching today in the house to find it again - my son has probably moved it!!). I'm so excited about receiving my box :-)

I went to running club and this week I ran 8.66 miles.... in the wind & rain too! I was also at my weekly Pilates class.

I had a weigh in with my personal trainer and my body fat percentage is now down to 25%!!!!! It was 39% when I started, so I'm giving myself a big pat on the back. Go me!

I've also had a couple of successes in terms of my blogging.... I was mentioned in the Scottish Roundup, the best of Scottish blogging every week, and I also had an excerpt of my blog about #groovingmums published on the Love New Blogs weekly showcase. Yay!
Here are this week’s prompts or challenges if you will.
1. How is your health? Is there a niggling problem that you are avoiding bringing to the attention of your GP? Are you up to date with your smear test and other matters? How can you ensure that you are in tip-top form before the stress of Christmas hits?
2. What does the concept of freedom mean to you? Do you have enough or do you sometimes feel hemmed in with your various responsiblities? When are you cut a bit of slack by your family, friends and colleagues?
3. Laughter Therapy – Can you do something this week that will make you laugh out loud? Perhaps see a funny film, write an amusing blog post or visit a comedy show? Maybe just share a joke with us.
4. Blog Hopping – One good way to make new blogger contacts is via blog hopping. How about taking part in one of the Britmums prompts this week? One is related to the festive season and one is about blogging in the New Year. Visit the Britmums site for more details.

I have already e-mailed my gastroenterology consultant to arrange an appointment. My Crohn's symptoms seem to be getting a little worse and I want to get this under control before returning to work in January... I'm thinking of asking the in-laws to take the kiddies so I can have a day to myself to relax, have a nice lunch in local cafe, browse the local shops etc and have some precious me-time as there won't be much of it once I get back to work!


  1. Well done on the recognition.
    The challenges are only there as ideas. I have not done a lot of them but plan to as and when the mood takes me. These are out individual journeys so we set our own rules individually.
    Glad you are taking action on the health front. I tend to neglect mine which I why I came up with the challenge as expected others might be too.
    The me-time sounds good and big times ahead on the return to work. Look forward to following that journey with you too.
    The running and weight loss is so very impressive as always, inspirational stuff. I keep you in my mind on those days when I am struggling to believe I can sort my weight out. Thank you

  2. Wow you are doing so well with your running. I am still trying to build it up, I get going and do 2 or 3 weeks of running regulaly, can begin to feel it paying off and then something happens like too much work or illness which has me off it for a week or more and I feel like I am back to square 1. Do you run 8 miles without slowing or walking, is that all running? I am with you on the DIY bits, I want to get our hall,landing and stairs, and the beading for the laminate done by Christmas and I had thought it would be nice to have our bedroom and the boys stripped by Christmas and decorated bnut it aint going to happen x

  3. Well done on your blog accolades. You know I enjoy reading.
    Great idea to get the in-laws to have the kiddies for a day before you go back to work (if they don't mind), a little bit of me time is really important I think.

  4. Well done on the running! It's something that a dodgy knee and total lack of certainty that I'll be any good at it stops me from doing.

    As for your health, I think it's great that you're thinking ahead and booking an appointment with your consultant, instead of firefighting when you're back at work.

    You're one forward thinking, motivated #groovingmum!



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